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The limestone-dominated soils here generally bring a lot of individuality to the wine – the wines develop a lot of nerve, but never become too sumptuous. The rich rainfall in the region is beneficial to the aromatic varieties, and the large temperature differences between day and night additionally provide a rich bouquet. Naturally, we focus largely on the region's most important grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc. It is elaborated in various forms, with single-site designations, as a sweet wine, and as a sparkling wine. Chardonnay, called "Morillon" in Styria, is also important to the Polz brothers. It thrives excellently on the chalky soils of the region. Its significance for the winery will be increased even further. In general, Thomas and Christian Polz want to intervene in their wines as little as possible – but still to support them to the extent necessary to produce elegant wines with a character typical of the region.

The Varietal Makeup

32 % Sauvignon Blanc

18 % Welschriesling

20 % Pinot Blanc

22 % Muscat Blanc

0.5 % Traminer

7 % Morillon (Styrian for Chardonnay)

0.5 % Zweigelt


(Morillon: probably derived from the old French form “more“ for black)