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Actually, everything was planned quite differently. The brothers were still at school, and wanted to travel and to see the world. The early death of their father brought them back home to the winery unexpectedly. The decision to simply run the winery together did not require any thought – even though they lacked practical experience in winemaking. Learning by doing was the order of the day. Today they are well on the right track, even if the brothers still think they still have a way to go. They make decisions together, but in the meantime they have clearly structured and allocated their own areas of responsibility.

Primus-Christian Polz

Cellar Master Christian Polz, born in 1979, graduated from the winemaking school in Klosterneuburg. After receiving his diploma, he went to South Africa for an internship at the Rust en Vrede Winery. Upon returning to his family’s winery, he took over the position of cellar master at the age of 19, and had to fill this role very quickly to ensure the economic success of the business. His support came above all from his family. In the cellar, he attaches particular importance to bringing the soil to life in the wine. This requires as little intervention as possible, and more a careful accompaniment rather than targeted shaping in a desired (flavor) direction. Maturation time is another important factor in the cellar. Even wines that are to be drunk fresh and young should also be allowed to rest before they are sold. Even before the introduction of the Styrian wine quality pyramid, their single-site vineyard wines were only brought to market in the autumn of the year following their harvest.

“I want to produce fine, nuanced wines with character and longevity. They should convey their origin and our particular South-Styrian limestone soils.“ Christian Polz


Primus-Thomas Polz 

Viticulturist Thomas Polz had to join the company in 1998, directly after graduating from business school in Graz. Originally, winemaking had not been his goal, but life does not always take an individual’s wishes into account. After several years of autodidactic study, he decided to train as a master winemaker at the viticulture school in Silberberg, Styria, where he graduated in 2003. Then equipped with a deep knowledge, and in the meantime with plenty of practical experience, he could finally dedicate himself PRIMUS WINERY Press Kit 2020 6 to wine the way he wanted to. In addition to the vineyards, Thomas Polz is mainly responsible for sales. In the vineyard he attaches great importance to a careful and natural handling of the vines. Year-round greening between the rows, avoidance of herbicides and pesticides, and year-round hands-on contact have therefore become his common practices in recent years. Thomas Polz also pays attention to maintaining high biodiversity, which is why beehives and insect hotels are also located in the vineyards, and fruit and nut trees are planted along their edges. To acquire only physiologically ripe grapes, they are meticulously selected and harvested in several passes.

When the grape variety, the soil, and the winemaker’s signature are recognizable, then the wine is authentic. My goal is this authenticity, this recognizability. This 'typical Primus!’.“ Thomas Polz