Primus Shop


A Short History

"Since 1884" is written at the top of the winery's labels. That’s when Anton Polz, the great-greatgrandfather of current winemakers Christian and Thomas Polz, acquired a mixed-use agricultural operation that was common at that time. For many years, wine was only one of several sources of income alongside cattle breeding and crop cultivation, as well as a shop in the middle of the village. In 1931, Anton Polz skipped direct succession and handed over the business to his grandson Johann Polz, who continued to run it as a mixed farm. The son of Anton Polz, Johann Polz senior, had married a neighboring winemaker in his second marriage and founded the Polz Winery together with their son Reinhold.

The Winery’s Founder. Primus Polz, the son of Johann Polz junior, took over the farm together with his wife Martha Polz in 1985. He had graduated from the viticulture school in Silberberg, and decided to become a winemaker. One hectare of vineyards was already part of the agricultural estate, and Primus planted two more. The couple decided to create a purely winemaking operation and named it Primus Polz Winery. At the same time they founded a wine shop and built a rustic wine tavern (a Buschenschank) with guest rooms in a 450-year-old house on the estate. Primus Polz died in 1998.

In 1998 the still very young brothers Christian and Thomas Primus took over the winery, renaming it Primus Winery, and over the years they have made it into one of the leading wineries in southern Styria. Some of the wines from their Slovenian vineyards are still marketed under the name Primus Polz.

Management of the Buschenschank is still in the hands of Martha Polz, a hostess and innkeeper for the love of it. This enthusiasm is shared by Elisabeth Polz, the sister of Christian and Thomas, which is why she returned home after completing her apprenticeship as a commercial clerk and joined the Buschenschank business.