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All great wines of the world have one thing in common: the vine stocks root at outstanding positions. In Styria, Grassnitzberg and Zieregg are among the best wine growing areas in the country.

Zieregg is an exposed slope of up to 470 meters above sea level. The vineyard is dominated by medium-to-deep clayey and lime soils with sufficient water supply and a very unique micro climate.

The location of Graßnitzberg is dominated by tertiary marine sands with a shell weathering surface with up to 14 million-year-old sandy/clayey marine deposits, which are known as "Spielfelder Schlier". Primus cultivates 10 hectares at this special area.

Another 5 hectares are cultivated in the nearby Slovenian wine region.

But the site alone does not make a good wine. The gentle and natural cultivated vine stocks have to be treated correctly in order to pick phisiologically fully matured grapes. Repeated harvesting and the selection of the best grapes are of high importance.