Primus Shop


The winery directly on the Slovenian border, looks back on a long tradition. Agriculture is operated at the yard, Grassnitzberg 53, since 1884. Meanwhile, the main pillar of the farm is wine sales, in addition to the guest rooms and the Buschenschank. The family business lays high value on the winemaking process and typical southern Styrian wines oriented on the very special terroir. For wine lovers Primus is always a culinary experience.


The Styrian wine landscape completed a great value change and produced many personalities who work intensively with the wine. Like Christian and Thomas Polz. Two brothers who take advantage of the great potential of their locations at the South Styrian wine road and produce wines which bring the pleasure of their Styrian home directly in the glass.

Our wines "live" the individuality of their distinct character, which they receive through the interplay of the various grape varieties and terroir of outstanding vineyards in Zieregg and Grassnitzberg. Influenced by soil and climate, the wines from the vinery are undisputably wearing the thumbprint of Primus. They have remained faithful to their roots and consistently create wines with typical area profile. This applies to the classic line as well as to the vintage wines.


Das unmittelbar an der slowenischen Grenze gelegene Weingut blickt auf eine lange Tradition zurück. Seit 1884 wird am Hofe, Grassnitzberg 53, Agrarwirtschaft betrieben. Mittlerweile ist das größte Standbein des Betriebes der Weinverkauf, neben den Gästezimmern und der Buschenschank. Das Familienunternehmen legt wert auf die Vinifizierung terroirbezogener und regionstypischer Weine - für Weinliebhaber ist die Adresse - Grassnitzberg 53 - immer wieder ein kulinarisches Erlebnis.